Our team members come from diverse design disciplines and contribute unique perspectives to collaborate on all aspects of design. Our depth of design intelligence sets us apart from single-focused firms. We share our knowledge at every level within the studio from the most experienced Design Professional to the newest College Intern.  Team building and the sharing of technical knowledge extends to our clients and their Real Estate & Properties partners. Our studio values this “teaching” methodology, including the client in our process, increasing their team’s value within their own organization. We see the challenges from every scale: from the global brand image to the smallest construction detail, from the building to the humans that inhabit it.
The ID team brings flexibility and fun to each project. Our strengths and experience in Architecture, Industrial Design, Music, Fine Arts, Textiles, Computational Media, Graphics, Photography and Videography converge to create a holistic and distinctly exciting experience. We enjoy the freedom to explore personal hobbies, design interests, family lives, and work styles. Our individual curiosities reinforce each other to enlighten our designs and foster new opportunities to deliver fresh and personalized spaces.

Interior Architecture and Design

Our team of architects and designers work to create functional and innovative interior spaces based on each clients’ specific needs. Taking cues from the existing building architecture and engineered building systems, we build a unique material aesthetic for each project. Lighting, texture, and flow are the key components that shape the spaces we design. From the initial programming through the last nail, thread, and coat of paint, we utilize our technical and construction expertise to realize our clients’ vision of the built environment.

Furniture, Artwork and Accessories

Completing the full statement of services for our projects, furniture selection, mock-ups and procurement coordination is essential to the full visual aesthetic of a client’s space.  Integration of furniture systems as they correlate with the electrical and data componentry of the power supply is planned at the outset of furniture planning and selections.  Multi-faceted and layered design approach and transition of the architectural planning with the furniture design teams keeps the link between furniture and built components tied closely together.

Graphics / Signage and Environmental Design

Parallel to the interior design process, our team conducts a rigorous brand overlay to better understand each clients’ corporate vision and values. The graphics team develops a comprehensive strategy for incorporating marks, logos, color palettes, and other visual components to preserve and reinforce the brand aesthetic. The design components of environmental graphics and signage are important three-dimensional extensions of the client over the built environment.

Boutique + Personalized
We are service oriented, approachable, and tailor our designs to best suit our client’s functional, aesthetic, and financial needs.
Casual + Refined
We balance explorative “out of the box” thinking with proven methodologies and best practices.
Flexible + Collaborative
We share our experiences and skills as a team and with our clients to constantly refine our process.
Familial + Fun
We partner with our clients to make the process as joyful as possible.
Atlanta International School
Berry College
Boys & Girls Club of Georgia
Chattahoochee Nature Center
COSI Museum
Emory University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Insight Global
Pyramid Consulting
Spelman College
Superior Essex
Synchronicity Theater
The Lovett School
Valdosta State University
Zoo Atlanta